“Super-Highway of the Skies” Will Upgrade the Airline Experience


“Super-Highway of the Skies” Will Upgrade the Airline Experience

By Amy Lignor

It has become a well-known fact, with technology changing and evolving on almost a daily basis, consumers demand the products and services they use that do not fail, are efficient, and provide support when needed. Today’s digital consumer demands access to “real-time” information – anytime, and every time they seek it. Airborne Wireless Network recognizes this fact and has developed a service to address this consumer demand.

Virtually, every day there are new WIFI experiences or a new cell phone that provides features predecessors did not offer, and there are so many more examples in the fast-pace world of technology. However, the forward thinking and clever minds at Airborne Wireless Network, the consumer will be receiving a fantastic WIFI experience in the near future, while their feet are quite far off the ground!


Traditional “single link-systems” – cell-tower and satellite systems, for instance – suffer from what is known as “single points of failure.” Airborne Wireless Network eliminates these issues.

The originality and skill that will offer this better airplane WIFI quality of service, and increase the passenger experience will come in the form of the “Infinitus Super-Highway.” This fully-meshed network will be using aircraft (over 35,000) traveling across the global skies working to relay data. They will “team” together to form a multiple-path network, so that no “obstruction” – not even a raindrop – can cause the system to fail.

Airborne Wireless Network has created a network that will provide live streaming to monitor the health of systems on planes, locomotives, ships, help emergency responders and produce a WIFI service that allows for passengers to have a better uninterrupted “WIFI” experience while they travel. In addition, the onboard hardware can support aircraft to aircraft awareness and monitoring, bringing far more safety to the skies.

This once mega-idea of creating a virtual airborne worldwide web has turned into a monumental reality with Airborne Wireless Network. This will be the first and only true airborne broadband pipeline to be used by worldwide broadband carrier services. In other words, aircraft will be utilized as traveling mini-satellites worldwide data and communications service providers with a new, better way of doing things. Translation: The passenger gets a more positive, beneficial experience in the sky.

In addition to a vastly improved broadband service to consumers, Airborne Wireless Network generates income for all partners involved through its increased data traffic as well. Plus, the lightweight hardware makes for easy implementation on both aircraft and ground stations. Upgrading and replacement costs of the hardware is very easy to do and is cost-efficient. The bottom line is airline passengers benefit, but the airlines and broadband carriers reap the benefits as well.

So as the “next big thing” comes out on the market – whether that be a new phone, tablet, iPod, etcetera – just remember that the forward thinkers of Airborne Wireless Network are working to provide you with something that will have the world of technology “soaring” into the future.

For more information, please visit: www.airbornewirelessnetwork.com



Original Source: Baret News Wire.com


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